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  1. Q: What to pack for kinder each day A: It is recommend to bring to kinder for each session; a change of clothes, sunhat for outdoor play and a jumper and jacket for cooler weather. Depending on the session length children will require a lunch box and drink bottle for the session. For longer sessions children will require both a fruit-snack and lunch for a short session children will only require a fruit-snack. Please make sure all lunch boxes and drink bottles are labelled with your child’s name.
    At Russell Court Kindergarten we like to instil environmental awareness in the children and encourage families to pack as little disposable packaging in lunch boxes as possible. Families are encouraged to pack ‘nude’ lunches or use reusable containers to pack food items that can be taken home and used again.
  2. Q: Why we have a healthy food policy for the children A: At Russell Court Kindergarten we model and promote healthy eating for positive wellbeing and development. Families are encouraged to pack; fruits/vegetables, yoghurts, sandwiches, cheese, and other nutritional food items to support our healthy food policy. All children are asked to have water only in their drink bottles for the session. Please also be aware that we are a ‘nut free’ centre and are unable to have items containing nuts consumed on the premises this includes; nuts, peanut butter, Nutella, nut muesli bars and other food items that contain nut products.
  3. Q: Are teachers qualified? A: All teachers at Russell Court Kindergarten hold either a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education or a Bachelor a Bachelor of Education primary/early years. All teachers have current teacher registration as required by The Department of Education and Training Victoria.
    All Russell Court Kindergarten staff have a current Working With Children (WWC) check and First Aid qualifications including the administering of CPR, Asthma management and Anaphylaxis training.
  4. Q: How can parents volunteer at the centre? A: Families are always welcome at the kindergarten, the ways you can assist in the program can include; ‘Stay and Play’, sharing a special talent or interest with the children for example baking, bathing a baby, yoga, art projects, singing or playing an instrument, participating in events organised by the service, collecting recycled or donating materials from home for the children to use in their play or art projects, volunteering as a member on our Committee, providing ideas or feedback, assisting during ‘Working Bees’.
  5. Q: Children’s birthdays at the kinder A: A birthday is an exciting and much anticipated milestone in a child’s life. When it is a child’s birthday in the room we celebrate by singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and blowing out the candles on our special kinder ‘cake’. Families are welcomed to bring in a birthday treat for the class which will be given out at home time, non-food items are encouraged such as; stickers, balloons, bubbles.
  6. Q: How does the kindergarten support school readiness? A: Kindergarten is about learning the skills to be able to thrive in the school environment. During the year children will be encouraged and supported to develop many skills that will be transferable to the school environment. This can include developing children’s social and emotional wellbeing, building on gross/motor skills and encouraging pre-literacy and numeracy skills. Please feel free to speak to your child’s teacher for further information about school readiness and your child.

Health lunchbox

What to bring?

  • Apple
  • Water
  • Sandwich


Russell Court Kindergarten and Children’s Centre is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all children. Our Policies outline the responsibilities of the centre, educators, parents, and community and government regulations. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the policies and procedures.

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